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Job opportunity at Redwood


Redwood is the world’s largest content agency, producing award-

winning magazines, websites, e-zines, apps and video for some 

of the world’s leading brands. Our clients include Marks&Spencer, 

Boots, Land Rover, Volvo, La Redoute, Mazda, Barclays and 

Virgin Media. Our offices are based in Trafalgar Square, London.

Role and responsibility

The Editorial Assistant will offer direct assistance and support to the new business team, who create and pitch new magazines and digital work to potential clients.

This will involve:

• Working closely with the Editorial Director, Creative Director and new business team on the creation and preparation of new magazines and digital content strategies.

• Research

• Editorial ideas generation

• Writing copy for magazine and digital pitch work

• Assisting on video shoots

• Assisting with the production of pitch documents and presentations

• Sub-editing presentations and powerpoints

In addition the Editorial Assistant will:

• Act as first point of contact for the senior team, taking and passing on messages and dealing with enquiries. 

• Manage diaries for the new business team.

• Undertake admin work such as booking cars, making expenses claims, paperwork for freelancers engaged by the new business team, liaising with HR, organising meetings and meeting rooms and occasionally preparing coffees, drinks etc for meetings.

Your skills:

Ideally a journalist with a degree or post-graduate qualification in journalism. You should be able to work competently across both print and digital platforms, have proven sub editing skills and be ideally be able to use InDesign. This is a great opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment and for some of the UKs very best creative journalists and designers. You must however, be aware that a portion of the job is administrative and that efficiency and organisation in this aspect of the role is of paramount importance.

Please apply with a cv and covering letter to Pippa Payne at by Monday 16th May. 

Kelvin's absolute zero

Kelvin MacKenzie believes that journalism is not a profession and that all journalism courses should be shut down right away.

On the first point he is absolutely right. Journalism is NOT a profession – there is no single body that sets standards and hold journalists to account, as there is with doctors, lawyers and accountants.

It’s a job that needs many skills and an increasing amount of craft, as well as hard knowledge of the law and civil governance. You need to know a lot to be a modern journalist but that does not, in itself, make journalism a profession.

On the second point he is dead wrong. It’s all very well to hark back to some golden age, generally the time when the writer set out into the wide world, and point out the folly of the modern way of doing things, but the very industry that MacKenzie thrived in has changed. It is smaller, it does things in a different way, it needs new entrants to  have a number of skills other than the ability to take a shorthand note and cover a court hearing without risking contempt.

In short, newspapers and magazines demand that young journalists have been trained.

Of course anyone with a mind to do it can be a journalist – the good courses (and there are bad ones too) help them on their way.

As for Kelvin’s claim that university lecturers work for only six months of the year, he is clearly living in the same timewarp as Morse and Lewis. And one of them is dead.

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